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No 69282 Certified Practicing Valuer since 1989


We are an NT-based independent evaluator and consultancy service owned and operated by Mick Eason. The firm operates across all areas of the Territory.

As a Certified Practicing Valuer for over 30 years, Mick has established his business in the NT to share his extensive experience in evaluating and real estate advice in both private and public sector environments. Your land matters are dealt with care and diligence with particular attention to quality and professional standards.

Mick offers a highly professional friendly personal service that you can trust. Frontier evaluating is easy to deal with, explain all aspects of the task at hand, and takes the worry out of your real estate dealings.

Choose Darwin’s Top Property Valuer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to sell your home or purchase a commercial property, making sure you understand its true value is essential to success. Fortunately, Frontier Valuation is on-hand to provide a friendly service to private and public sector clients. Led by Mick Eason and his 30 years of experience, making the right financial decisions becomes so much simpler.


Alongside purchase advice and market valuations, Frontier Valuation also offers a myriad of financial and legal services, ranging from estate planning to superannuation valuations. Meanwhile, we also provide clarity on insurance concerns, including indemnity assessments. If you need a top property valuer in Darwin, Frontier Valuation is the dependable, professional choice.

Understanding Property Valuation Services

Before you delve into property valuation services in Darwin, it’s a smart idea to understand how the different types of property valuations work. Here’s a brief breakdown of the three main types:


Desktop valuation: Sometimes known as an Automated Valuation Model (AVM), a desktop valuation involves online data to assess a property’s value. These rapid estimates typically consider metrics like sales data from similar properties that provide a solid guide to what you might expect.


Kerbside valuation: As the name suggests, kerbside valuations see a certified property valuer travel to the property to make an in-person inspection. While they don’t need to access the property, they can get a better idea of its value from seeing the interior and exterior condition for themselves.


Full valuation: A full valuation is the most comprehensive approach. This sees the property valuer use several methods to gain extensive data to make a precise assessment. This can include visiting the property, taking photos, asking the owner questions and evaluating any renovations.

The Role and Benefits of a Property Consultant

Property consultants like Frontier Valuation give their clients an advantage in the market, especially when dealing with a growing city like Darwin. By working alongside an expert who knows how to make a precise valuation of land and buildings for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, you ensure you’re making the right move for your future.


As a certified and highly experienced property valuer, Mick Eason and the team at Frontier Valuation have the skills you need to make a smart decision. Thanks to our wealth of local knowledge, we can provide outstanding advice that saves you money and stress. For property valuations in Darwin, there’s no better choice.

Frontier Valuation’s Property Valuation Process

Ready to get started? Get to know Frontier Valuation’s property valuation process to understand how we can help you make the ideal buying, selling or leasing decision.

Initial consultation and property inspection

No matter your needs, Frontier Valuation’s expert team can help you achieve your goals. If you choose to work with us, we’ll conduct a detailed initial consultation to understand your precise objectives. Then, whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we can carry out a property inspection to make a precise valuation.

Data analysis and valuation methodologies

Throughout the process, we’ll delve into the latest property data to ensure our estimates factor in crucial information relevant to your goals. From recent sales and property type to locale and market conditions, we use these metrics and our decades of experience to make an informed property valuation that you can trust.

Preparation of comprehensive valuation reports

Once we’re ready to proceed, we can supply an extensive valuation report that explains our analysis and summarises our findings. This document provides an up-to-date assessment of the fair market value of the property. With this information in hand, you’ll have a solid resource to base your financial decisions on.

Work With Darwin’s Leading Property Valuer

Based in Darwin, Frontier Valuation is an independent valuation and consultancy service that you can rely on. Operating across all areas of the Northern Territory, owner Mick Eason brings over 30 years of experience to the role, having helped countless clients make smart, forward-thinking financial decisions.


Mick offers a highly professional friendly personal service that you can trust. Frontier Valuation is easy to deal with, explains all aspects of the task at hand, and takes the worry out of your property dealings. To find out more, get in touch via our online enquiry form. Alternatively, send an email to or call 0407 869 524.



Providing clarity for your decision making, Reducing risk, Helping explain issues and complexities and reducing anxiety.


Centrelink asset valuations, Superannuation valuations


Accounting, financial reporting, taxation, superannuation valuations.


Statutory valuations for rating purposes, rental assessments, market value assessments for government land sales, financial reporting valuations.


Resolution of rental disputes on commercial property, rental determinations


Estate planning, litigation, family law, stamp duty, compulsory acquisition.


How much you need to insure your property, Replacement cost and indemnity assessments